Lift bridge Eberswalde

16227 Eberswalde

The lift bridge goes over the Finow canal with a curve radius of just 35 metres. It was constructed in 1953-55 in place of the 1883 drawbridge blown up in 1945. It is a six metre wide construction on concrete stilts, with a clearance height of four metres. It is probably the only surviving heavy load bridge using this functional principle in Brandenburg state.

The Family-Garden grounds are located directly by the lift bridge, a worthwhile trip on land.

With some skill, canoeists can pass through this obstacle as the headway of approx. 1.3 m is sufficient to do so.

Location: Finow canal, 73.5 km

In the season, the lift bridge is raised in 2 hour cycles between 8 am and 6 pm, therefore people travelling on water must accept possible long waiting times.