Hand-operated historical locks

They are still here today! All 12 historical locks are still opened and closed by hand using a crank on the 32 km long Finow canal - just as they were 400 years ago. Feel transported back to a different time.

In 1767, there were already over 17 locks on the Finow canal, at that time still spread over a length of around 44 km. Due to increasing ship traffic between 1874 and 1885, numerous double locks emerged and replaced the previous wooden locks.

The Eberswalde town lock has a special position: it is the oldest operating lock between the Elbe and the Oder rivers. The wooden head gates open and close by means of a push bar. Its predecessor, the lock at "Neustadt Eberswalde" was constructed in 1607 and destroyed in the Thirty Years' War. After reconstruction in 1744/45 as the "new town lock", a new construction was needed in 1831. The dimensions were consistent with those of the 1817 outlines specified for the Finow canal locks and therefore, the lock was built to fit two ships in with low ends.

Good to know: The locks' measurements were adjusted to common ship sizes - by royal order, the specifications for the first uniform ship size were made in Prussia, following the "Finow measurement". The means 40.2 m long, 4.6 m wide, a maximum depth of 1.4 m and a load capacity of 170 tonnes.

The locks are open and staffed daily from 17 April until 12 October 2014 from 9 am - 5 pm.

There is an entry and exit point for water travellers in the lower and upper approaches. Paddlers have priority when mooring at these green landing stages.


Get up-to-date information about lock times and the respective contact details as well as the exact lock measurements here via this link. The Eberswalde Waterways and Shipping Office will inform you of any possible short-term stoppages (tel: +49 (0)3335/45160) as will the Finow Canal Communal Working Group (tel: +49 (0)3334/384913).