Have a traditional rafting experience on the Finow canal



You get to be captain! With a rented raft, you can take the helm up the Finow canal after a short briefing and without a boat licence. Even if you are only a passenger on the Schippelschute, you will still enjoy the unspoilt landscape.


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Beaver raft

Eberswalde Be your own captain on the Finow canal! After a short briefing, you can properly pick up speed with... 

MST Touristikflößerei - Schippelschute (MST tourist rafting - the "Schippelschute")

Take a ride on the "Schippelschute" on the oldest and still navigable man-made waterway... 

Results 1-2/2

Important information

  • Finow canal: max. speed without a licence 6 km/h
  • Oder-Havel waterway max. speed 9 km/h
  • The twelve hand-operated Finow canal locks are staffed in the season from 29 April until 16 October 2016 daily from 9 am - 5 pm.
  • The lift bridge in Eberswalde opens in the season when needed in 2 hour cycles, daily between 8 am - 6 pm.
  • Paddlers have priority when mooring at the green landing stage in the Finow canal locks' lower and upper approach.
  • No commercial shipping on the Finow canal

Facts about the Finow canal

  • Max. depth: 1.20 m
  • Min. clearance height: 3.85 m
  • Number of locks: 12 (overcoming a gradient of almost 36 m)
  • Max. vessel size: 41.50 m x 5.10 m
  • Length: 31.9 km