Finowcanal with town promenade and town lock


The Finow canal is the oldest man-made waterway in Germany that is still navigable and runs through the Finow valley and the Eberswalde municipal area. For over 150 years, it was one of the most important German internal waterways. The industrial development of the Finow valley in and around Eberswalde was essentially due to the Finow canal. With the start up of the Oder-Havel waterway in 1914, the Finow canal continued to lose its economic importance and the centuries old industrial history of the Finow valley era came to an end.

Discover the Finow canal from the water by canoe, beaver raft or motorboat - you have the choice! The well-established canal tow path cycling and walking route (part of the Oder-Havel cycling route) leads along the Finow canal and invites you to make other discoveries. There are charming places close to nature along the bank and seating along the way to take a break. Technology enthusiasts can admire the impressive hydraulic engineering facilities (12 historical locks) as well as evidence from the industrial past.

The newly designed town promenade in the town centre invites you to relax and take a stroll. The Eberswalde town lock, built in 1831, is also noteworthy - the oldest operational lock between the Elbe and the Oder, whose head gates open and close by means of a push bar.