Be surprised by the many sights of Eberswalde town. The Finow canal, the zoo or the special views will enchant you!


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Mary Magdalene Church

Eberswalde The Mary Magdalene church, from the 13th century, is one of the most significant late gothic town... 

Trolley-bus („O-Bus“)

May we present our electric O-bus?! Elsewhere, it would probably be known as an E bus. But what... 


Eberswalde Shopping, going for a coffee or just letting go in the courtyard. Here you can relax and, in... 

Finowcanal with town promenade and town lock

Eberswalde The Finow canal is the oldest man-made waterway in Germany that is still navigable and runs through... 

Niederfinow boat lift

Niederfinow It doesn't get steeper than this! Or does it? There is an approximately 36 metre height difference... 

Results 1-5/13