Industrial culture

architectural monuments from 400 years of industrial history

Eberswalde - the cradle of industry in Mark Brandenburg! The Eisenspalterei (iron splitting factory), the brass factory with its estate, the old rolling mill, the paper factory and Heegermühle power plant already existed here in the 17th century. Thanks to the construction of the Finow canal and the Berlin-Stettin railway line, products could be transported cheaply and easily. This significantly advanced industrial development.


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Niederfinow boat lift

Niederfinow It doesn't get steeper than this! Or does it? There is an approximately 36 metre height difference... 

Finowcanal with town promenade and town lock

Eberswalde The Finow canal is the oldest man-made waterway in Germany that is still navigable and runs through... 

Family-Garden Eberswalde

Eberswalde Where fantasy comes into bloom! Whether the magical playscape of the fairytale world, or the... 

Finow water tower

Eberswalde The water tower is THE symbol of the Finow valley! Climb up and experience the magnificent view!... 

High altitude pass Eberswalde (Eberswalder Höhenpass)

Everyone wants to aim high! You can do just that in every sense of the word with the Eberswalde... 

Results 1-5/7

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