Industrial culture

architectural monuments from 400 years of industrial history

Eberswalde - the cradle of industry in Mark Brandenburg! The Eisenspalterei (iron splitting factory), the brass factory with its estate, the old rolling mill, the paper factory and Heegermühle power plant already existed here in the 17th century. Thanks to the construction of the Finow canal and the Berlin-Stettin railway line, products could be transported cheaply and easily. This significantly advanced industrial development.


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Brass factory

Eberswalde The first brass factory in Brandenburg came into being in 1696/97 near to the village of... 

Water tower in the brass factory estate

Eberswalde The water tower ranks among one of the earliest examples of brick expressionism in Germany, the... 

Copper housing in the brass factory estate

Eberswalde The houses were fabricated in a light wooden frame design with thin copper sheet cladding by the... 

Power plant Heegermühle

Eberswalde The Heegermühle power plant was THE model plant for a long time. At the beginning of the 20th... 

Paper factory "Wolfswinkel"

Eberswalde Delicate deckle-edge paper, high-quality writing and postcard paper and even bank notes were... 

Results 1-5/12