Eberswalde and surroundings

From the delicious pastry french cruller to the boat lift

The town of Eberswalde is characterised by a relaxed and varied atmosphere. Travel with the so called "O-bus", or walk along the historic Finow canal which has flowed like a blue ribbon through Eberswalde for over 400 years. The hometown of the pastry french cruller is expecting you! Thanks to its expansive woodlands, numerous lakes and other sights, such as the Niederfinow boat lift, a trip to the surrounding regions promises a diverse range of relaxing activities.


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Old an New Forestry Academy

Eberswalde Research and teaching are tradition in Eberswalde! The Higher Forestry College was founded here in... 

Park "At the Weidendamm"

Eberswalde Ideal for a picnic: The park at Weidendamm offers perfect breaks in the countryside. The park is... 

Fairytale villa

Eberswalde You can get married here just like in a fairytale! Johann-Friedrich Dictus, son of a Berlin-based... 

Forest botanical garden

Eberswalde Feel like Alice in Wonderland! You can properly immerse yourself in the forest botanical garden... 

Brass factory estate

Eberswalde (district Finow) The brass factory estate in the Finow district is over 300 years old and thus the oldest well... 

Results 16-20/25