Eberswalde and surroundings

From the delicious pastry french cruller to the boat lift

The town of Eberswalde is characterised by a relaxed and varied atmosphere. Travel with the so called "O-bus", or walk along the historic Finow canal which has flowed like a blue ribbon through Eberswalde for over 400 years. The hometown of the pastry french cruller is expecting you! Thanks to its expansive woodlands, numerous lakes and other sights, such as the Niederfinow boat lift, a trip to the surrounding regions promises a diverse range of relaxing activities.


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Regular city tours

Eberswalde Good time and time again! Get to know Eberswalde's art, culture and history. Visit the city's... 

Trolley-bus („O-Bus“)

May we present our electric O-bus?! Elsewhere, it would probably be known as an E bus. But what... 

Mary Magdalene Church

Eberswalde The Mary Magdalene church, from the 13th century, is one of the most significant late gothic town... 

"baff" leisure indoor aquatic centre

Eberswalde Everyone feels good at baff leisure indoor aquatic centre! Plunge head first into pleasure. Here... 

old and new town hall

Eberswalde Old and new sit here side by side. The two town halls of Eberswalde town are located directly next... 

Results 6-10/25