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Whether a jazz festival, the Eberswalde film festival, the forest botanical garden, industrial history or bike rides and a good long walk through and around the town - Eberswalde invites you to discover the town. You can begin exploring the town with an “O-bus” tour.

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Forest botanical garden

Eberswalde Feel like Alice in Wonderland! You can properly immerse yourself in the forest botanical garden... 

Family-Garden Eberswalde

Eberswalde Where fantasy comes into bloom! Whether the magical playscape of the fairytale world, or the... 

Park "At the Weidendamm"

Eberswalde Ideal for a picnic: The park at Weidendamm offers perfect breaks in the countryside. The park is... 

Eberswalde Zoo

Eberswalde Perhaps the most thrilling lion enclosure in the world awaits you! When you reach the area where... 

Results 1-4/4