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Whether a jazz festival, the Eberswalde film festival, the forest botanical garden, industrial history or bike rides and a good long walk through and around the town - Eberswalde invites you to discover the town. You can begin exploring the town with an “O-bus” tour.

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Mary Magdalene Church

Eberswalde The Mary Magdalene church, from the 13th century, is one of the most significant late gothic town... 

Trolley-bus („O-Bus“)

May we present our electric O-bus?! Elsewhere, it would probably be known as an E bus. But what... 


Eberswalde Shopping, going for a coffee or just letting go in the courtyard. Here you can relax and, in... 

Finowcanal with town promenade and town lock

Eberswalde The Finow canal is the oldest man-made waterway in Germany that is still navigable and runs through... 

Chorin Cistercian Monastery

HistoryThe monastery was built as a division of the Lehnin monastery and was sponsored by the... 

Results 1-5/14